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The center aims at performing scientific research and technological activities to serve desert reclamation and development policies in Egypt. Another aim is to serve local and international communities in promoting livelihood of people in these areas. In this concern; it has the option to cooperate and coordinate with all local and international institutes, universities and organizations as well as cooperating with the private sector.

Desert Research Center practices all the following missions:

* Performing scientific research, basic studies and applied research in various fields related to the development of natural resources ( such as water, soil, plants, animals, humans and non-conventional energy) in the Egyptian deserts and reclaimed areas.

* Studying the phenomenon of desertification (drought) and the movement of sand dunes. Carrying out the experiments to develop methods and procedures of combating, stopping and fighting desertification and to avoid its impact.

* Participating in laying down the scientific plans for land reclamation according to the findings and results of researches and studies conducted by the center within the framework of the state public policy and strategy in this field.

* Disseminating and circulating research results, getting benefits from them by providing consultancy and services to communities in desert areas in order to develop production.

* Training the graduates of universities and higher institutes on the methods of scientific research to support the various needs of the government agencies , public authorities and private sectors in the field of desert development.

* Organizing the multipurpose training programs to raise the technological level of the personnel working in the field of desert development locally and internationally.

* Cooperating with universities in preparing different disciplines.

* Strengthen the scientific and research links by collaborating with foreign organizations, participating in their activities, sending the delegates for scientific studies .Invite foreign experts of various fields of research related to the center's activities.

* Participating in laying down the guide programs in accordance with the findings of researches and experiments in preparation for publication and dissemination.

* Collecting, sorting and classification of information related to the natural resources of Egyptian deserts to help in getting profit of them.

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