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Desert Research Center is almost the oldest scientific research center in Egypt. It was officially opened on 30th December 1950 under the name of the Institute of Fuad I for desert research (IFDR) .After the revolution in 1952, it became under the name of Desert Research Institute (DRI). Then the Presidential Decree No. 90 of 1990 was issued to establish Desert Research Center (DRC) and it has an independent status belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.

The Major objectives of DRC :

1. Investigating desert potential for agricultural development.
2. Carrying out studies on behalf of the government institutions, societies and small landholders.
3. Preparing postgraduate research assistants and scholars for a higher degree in the field of scientific research.
4. Providing proper help and advice to target groups, whether local Bedouins or investors, to best utilize the available natural resources.
5. Managing desert and newly reclaimed lands for agricultural use and development.
6- Studying means to ameliorate and combat drought, desertification and sand dunes movement.
7. Monitoring and assessing desertification causes. Field operations are also broad-based, stretching from Sinai to the New Valley to the fringes of the High Dam Lake.
8. Exploring and developing desert natural resources including water, soil, plant, and non-conventional energies.
9. Monitoring land resources (water and soils) in the desert and newly reclaimed areas.
10. Surveying and evaluating surface and ground water in coastal and inland regions.
11. Surveying and evaluating the natural vegetation and renewable natural resources.
12. Introducing non-conventional crops to be cultivated under drought and salinity stresses.
13. Increasing productivity of different agricultural crops under various desert conditions.
14. Increasing productivity of livestock and poultry under desert conditions.
15. Monitoring and combating desertification phenomenon, including sand encroachment control.
16. Conducting socio-economic studies in desert regions.
17. Cooperating with scientific local and international societies to organize workshops and symposiums dealing with the developmental aspects of the desert.
18. Publishing and exchanging relevant scientific researches with different local, regional and international scientific institutions.
19. Establishing a database for desert natural resources.
20. Providing extension and training programs for personnel and investors involved in desert development activities.

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The Desert Research Center is almost the oldest scientific research center in Egypt. It was officially opened on.. Read More

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