Ecology and Dry Lands Agriculture Division


1. Production of cultivars and tolerance genotypes for biotic and biotic stresses.
2. Conservation of plant collection.
3. Studies on the desert Ecosystem.
4. Mapping of vegetation and rangelands.
5. Evaluation of natural plant cover.
6. Increasing horticultural and filed crop productivity by introducing new varieties.
7. Studies on medicinal and aromatic plants of the Egyptian deserts.
8. Biological and ecological studies on plant diseases and pests.
9. Studies on sand dune fixation.
10. Establishment of winedscreens for protection of newly settled area, towns, factories and desert roads.
11. Propagation of selected seedlings adaptable to desert environments.
12. Co-operation with national and the international organizations in the field of agricultural researches and biotechnology.
13. Run-off management and its utilization for developing rainfed agriculture in the desert area.
14. Desertification control.

The Departments of Ecology and Dry Lands Agriculture Division:

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