Socio-economic Studies Division

The Division of economic and social studies was established by the Presidential Decree No. 90 of 1990 .Believing that it can play an important role in achieving sustainable development goals in the Egyptian deserts.
The Division performs its activities through three departments:
1-Agricultural Economics Research Department
2-Agricultural Extension Research Department
3-Rural Sociology Research Department

The mission of the Division for can be summarized in the following points:
1. Contributing in the reduction of the food gap and achieving high and safe rates of food security.
2. Improving the livelihood of people living in desert areas by providing permanent jobs with real income.
3. Efficient use of natural resources, particularly land and water.
4. Promoting investment in new lands and desert putting in mind the geographical and environmental differentiation of Egypt and the Egyptian deserts.
5. Contributing in limiting the trade deficit by promoting agricultural and non-agricultural products with a competitive advantage in the international markets.
6. Looking with an integrated vision to all sectors of national economy which leads to sustainable development.

The main objectives of the Division can be summarized in the following :
1. Enhancing the competitiveness of agricultural products produced in new lands and desert in international and native markets.
2. Improving the investment climate in desert areas.
3. Rational use of natural agricultural resources.
4. Promoting small projects for desert inhabitants, particularly Bedouin women.
5. Training workers in agriculture in desert regions on farm management and documenting them in official papers.
6. Developing a strategy for dealing in desert areas.
7. Protect desert ecosystem in such areas to be harmony with environmental changes.
8. Putting a set of recommendations for political decision-makers aiming to the optimal use of available resources in desert areas through scientific reports.
9. Creating a database to help in disaster management.

The activities:
1. Harmonization between the objectives of the community and the work of the research stations.
2. Raising the qualifications of the researchers working in the Division through training.
3. Establishing special units and working groups that perform its role in raising the qualifications of the researchers in order to achieve the objectives of the Division.
4. Developing research projects to enhance the community.
5. Increasing the capability of the Division through working units.
6. Identifying the goals of the Center's research projects so that the Division could elaborate research strategy.
7. Strengthening the role of the Division to adopt projects and research programmes.
8. Training the labor in research stations on farm management and collecting field data.
9. The Division contributes with marketing institutions in those areas.

Deaprtment of Social Economic Studies Division

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