Water Resources and Desert Soils Division

Goals and Activities of the Division:
1. To support agricultural development in desert and newly reclaimed lands in the fields of groundwater resources and soil evaluation.
2. It is responsible for conducting research and studies related to the development of desert regions through exploitation of water and soil resources.
3. Groundwater exploration is conducted in different desert areas of Egypt using geological, geomorphological, hydrological and geophysical tools.
4. Groundwater potentialities are evaluated by conducting surface geophysical surveys to define the water-bearing formation.
5. If the formation exists, its thickness and extension are determined and the most promising sites for digging new water wells are located.
6. Drilling and testing of water wells is also done.
7. Evaluation of groundwater resources in promising areas is accomplished using computer simulated models for predicting waters levels as well as quality changes by means of groundwater abstraction scenarios.
8. Boundary conditions of aquifers are determined through integrated geological and geophysical investigation and pumping tests.
9. Surface water harvesting is also among the major study interests of the division.
10. Careful exploitation of soil resources is accomplished through evaluation of desert soils for soil characteristics, productive capacity, combative ability to desertification, and deterioration.
11. This is accomplished through studies on pedological, physical, chemical, mineralogical, nutritional and biological aspects as well as soil-water-plant relationships.
12. The department also conducts studies to determine appropriate irrigation, management, conservation, and fertilization practices of desert lands.
13. Environmental contamination of soil, water and groin plants in desert areas is also monitored and investigated.

Research Departments of water resources and desert soils division:

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