EGDRC is expected to be a central coordinating point for desalination and water reuse applied research and training activities in Egypt.
Facilities of the EGDRC will serve as a proving ground and center for public education on water.


The mission of EGDRC will be to conduct research for the development of cost-effective, robust desalination technologies that produce sustainable new supplies of water for different purposes. Moreover, the Center will seek to bring together scientists, engineers, water policy-makers and water system operators in Egypt, Middle East and Africa region to work on areas of research that will reduce the cost of desalination.


  • Building national capacity and capabilities in water desalination.\
  • Reduce the cost of desalination.
  • Investigating some areas of membrane technology including fouling assessment and control, pre- and post-treatment, cleaning, and concentrate/brine treatment and disposal.
  • Characterizing groundwater and seawater supplies to use as sources for water desalination.


  • Water shortage, deterioration in water quality, energy crises and the increase in population.
  • Working staff, M.Sc and Ph.D students for their research.
  • Opening channels with the worldwide similar centers in collaboration research projects.
  • Creation of a web site presenting e-learning sessions
  • DRC will ensure that an efficient and effective EGDRC governing structure is in place
  • A EGDRC Director, the Principal Investigator of the project, who is the primary contact to the EGDRC.
  • A EGDRC Management Team, generally called the Executive Committee, advises the EGDRC Director on all aspects of Center management.
  • An External Advisory Committee, EAC, serves in an advisory capacity to the EGDRC.
  • The international network will be maintained, i.e. partners will take care of the follow-up.
  • The local network will be maintained, i.e. the partners will meet regularly.
  • Finally, the initial network will be enlarged to incorporate other domains or entities, i.e. new research teams join the Center.
  • Ministerial/Prime Minister's decree for the establishment of EGDRC as part of DRC.


  • Chairman
  • Research and development
  • Technical support
  • Quality lab
  • administration

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