Research Programmes

1- Study and evaluation of the natural and human resources in the areas of the Desert Zohair in Upper Egypt.
2- Development of Sinai Valleys.
3- Advancement of livestock in Sinai.
4- Integrated Development of the North West Coast.
5- Monitor the climate changes in the Egyptian deserts
6- Study the agricultural development constraints of the Hamam Canal bath and its extension
7- Management of groundwater and development irrigation in New Valley – Farafra Oasis.
8- Monitoring and evaluating desertification in the Egyptian northern coasts.
9- Study the possibilities to improve field crops - Siwa Oasis.
10- Development and modernization of the Egyptian deserts Bank of plant genes.
11- Development of the productivity of Almond trees under the rain-coasts conditions.
12- Infrastructure protection of the dangers of sand.
13- The development of some valleys –North West coast.
14- Mapping of water and land potentialities – Moghra Oasis.
15- Rhamnus trees development – South Sinai.

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