New Valley Research Station

It is located north of El Kharga city.It is in El Sherka area and it is irrigated from the company well 3.
The station is concerned with the researches that serve the agricultural development in the New Valley governorate regarding soil, water, environment, cultivation of dry land, economic studies, in addition to extension and rural community .

Khantara Shark Research Station

The area of South Kantara Sharek Station is 490 acres. It is near Suez Canal and Canal cities. Its soil is fertile and plane . Its irrigation water comes through Ahmed El Maghraby  Canal which is an offshoot of  El-Salam Canal . The station is divided into six sectors. The first sector is irrigated with  the pivot irrigation system .The second sector is irrigated with the fixed sprinkler system .The remaining four sectors are irrigated with the drip irrigation system.

El Magharah Research Station

The 70 acre station is located in South El Arish the middle of Sinai . It was established in 1987. It is concerned with identifying alternative systems for underground irrigation and livestock production research.
It has an important and unique role in the study of desert conditions in terms of climate impacts and various environmental factors as well as traditional agricultural interactions with various agricultural crops whether to reach optimum conditions to achieve better production in terms of quantity and quality.
As well as treating the problems of desert climate such as water scarcity , increasing of temperature, irrigation water salinity and poor nutritional status of the soil.

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