Ras Sidr Research Station

It is located at a distance of 60 km south of Ahmed Hamdi tunnel, and about 5 km from Ras Sidr town. 

The objectives of the station
- Manage modern techniques of irrigation systems that commensurate with the region circumstances.
- Evaluate the productivity of various crops species and varieties for cultivation and growth under the conditions of South Sinai.
- Derive some new varieties and strains of crops that are more capable of growth and production under conditions of South Sinai.
- Cooperate with various research and scientific organizations interested in the development of sustainable agriculture in South Sinai.
- Development of livestock , poultry and fish by improving the nutritional, veterinary and productivity status .

The station working tasks:

The station has a lab that analyze samples of soils, plants and animals which help researchers in the implementation of their experiments.
- Produce strains and varieties of crops, vegetables and horticulture which bear salinity and tolerate environmental conditions.
- Produce fodder and pasture crops.
- Organize training courses in modern and environmental agriculture, , also in irrigation systems in addition to establishing small projects .
- Guidance, supervision and follow-up of existing cultivations and solve the problems of farmers.
- Drilling and exploring ground water with a thorough evaluation of its quantity and quality.
- Organizing seminars and meetings to raise awareness in the field of environmental agriculture and serving community development.
- Planning and implementation of summer training programs for faculties of agriculture allover Egypt.


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