Maryout Research Station

Maryut research station is located South Alexandria with about 31 km

The objectives of the station
1. To improve and maintain calcareous soil land prevailing in the surrounding area
2. To study water relations under the conditions of the region to increase the productivity of water unit
3. To study and evaluate various agricultural crops to choose the best cropping structure
4. To develop and improve livestock and poultry in desert areas
5. To provide practical guidance and service packages .
6. To organize training courses in agricultural development, especially for young graduates

The activities of the station
1. To estimate the capacity of the productive land.
2. To optimization the usage of agricultural waste by producing industrial organic fertilizers.
3. To create a database of land and water information based on the analysis of spatial visualization and GIS.
4. To study the requirements of water for crops and economical plant species.
5. To raise the productivity of crops under calcareous conditions by improving service and care.
6. To develop and produce unconventional seedlings of vegetables, fruit, medicinal and aromatic
7. To use Organic fertilization as an alternative to chemical fertilizers in order to improve the soil and to maintain the environment in the region

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