Ras Sidr Station

Ras Sidr Research Station was established in 1976. The station is located 5 km North of Ras Sidr, 60 km from Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel, and about 200 km from Cairo on the western coastal road to South Sinai. Its area is ​27 feddan.

The objectives of Ras Sidr Station:

  1. Contributing in the development efforts in the region.
  2. Activating the extension role of the station in serving the inhabitants of the region.
  3. Evaluating the productivity of some species and varieties of different crops for cultivation under the conditions of South Sinai.
  4. Cooperating with various internal and external research and scientific bodies that aim at reaching sustainable agricultural development in South Sinai.
  5. Developing livestock, poultry and fish sources by improving the nutritional, veterinary and productivity status.