The Fifth International Conference on Water Desalination, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Under patronage of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, the activities of the Fifth International Water Desalination Conference began today in Sharm El-Sheikh, which is organized by the Egyptian Desalination Center of Excellence, affiliated with Desert Research Center, in participation with the Euro-Mediterranean Water Desalination Conference EURO-MED 2024, which is organized by the European Water Desalination Society (EDS) .

During the opening session, Dr. Hosam Shawky, President of Desert Research Center and President of the Conference, pointed out that organizing this global event is a real beginning to place Egypt’s pioneering role on the map of effective and influential countries in water desalination technology .

Dr. Hosam also explained that increasing water needs, due to the increase in population, shortage of water sources as a result of climate change, and conflicts over water sources in the Middle East and North Africa, represent one of the most important challenges facing sustainable development .

He added that Egypt has developed a plan to solve the problem of water scarcity. The plan works on two main axes, the first aims to desalinate water to meet drinking water requirements. The second aims to reduce water consumption that used in agriculture by reusing treated water, also, modernizing irrigation systems to those methods that reduce water waste, and building dams and tanks to store rainwater and floods, in addition to developing new varieties of seeds with high quality and productivity and does not need much irrigation water .

Dr. Olga Selangos, President of EDS expressed her happiness at holding the conference in Egypt and in the beautiful city “Sharm El-Sheikh”, given the pivotal role played by Egypt in the Middle East .

At the end, the participants agreed that water scarcity is not just an environmental issue, but rather an issue that affects security, stability and sustainable development for all countries of the world. And its too important to face this challenge by concerted international efforts and adopting a cooperative approach based on mutual benefit.

It is worth noting that an exhibition will be held on the side-line of the conference, that includes 25 international   companies in the field of water desalination and renewable energy .

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