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Cooperation between Desert Research center and Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, to integrate people of Sinai, in Feran Valley region

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation instructed to implement many development activities to integrate people of Sinai. Under directives of Prof. Dr. Abdallah Zaghlol, president of Desert Research Center, the research team at the Center started to implement a number of veterinary and guidance convoys in the areas of Wadi Al-Tar and Wadi Maktab,..

Launching the joint program between UNDP Egypt and FAO

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Zagloul , President of Desert Research Center, on behalf of Mr. Al-Qusair, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, participated in the launching event of the “Expanding Climate Ambition Program” which made in cooperation between UNDP Egypt and FAO. The program was launched through a foundational workshop attended by Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister..

The second veterinary convoy of Desert Research Center in Siwa

Under patronage of Prof. Dr. Abdallah Zaghlol, president of Desert Research Centre . The Second veterinary convoy take place in Siwa Oasis, it was carried out by Siwa Research Station in partnership with the sustainable Agricultural Development Program in Northwest Coast, in continuation to sustainable development and preservation of livestock In the Oasis, Some villages..

Desert Research center launches a guidance campaign to improve the value of the oily sunflower crops strains in El-Minya

Under patronage of Dr. Abdullah Zagloul, president of Desert Research Center, the activities of guidance campaign for planting oily sunflower crops were launched, within the framework of the research program “Improving value of oily sunflower crops strains in western of El-Minya, and surrounding areas”. and Dr. Zaghloul directed the research team towards paying attention to..

Desert Research Center distributes poultry batteries on breadwinner women in Siwa Oasis

 Within the framework of the state’s attention about small income-generating projects, especially those which suit breadwinner women in border areas, and according to directives of the minister of agriculture and land reclamation, Mr. Al-Qusair, a chickens and chicks were distributed to women in Siwa Oasis, in presence of major general Khaled Shuaib, governor of Matrouh,..

Matrouh Governor hands over contracts of 70 acres in Siwa to young farmers

 Major general Khaled Shuaib, governor of Matrouh, and Dr. Abdullah Zagloul, president of Desert Research Center, handed over 70 acres in the area of Abu Sharouf village in Siwa to young farmers, as a completion of the 100-acre project. in confirmation on what the state planning for empower young farmers, and this was in presence..

Renewing “ISO” accreditation to Desert Research Centre for third year in a row

The international accreditation of Desert Research Centre was renewed by the International Organization for Standardization “ISO” for the third year in a row, after a visit by a specialized committee. The committee commended the leadership’s support in the Centre, headed by Dr. Abdullah Zagloul, president of the center, for the development plans and the unprecedented..

Desert Research Centre manufactures fodder from farm waste in South Sinai

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Zagloul, President of Desert Research Centre, stated that a project of manufacturing fodder from farm residues, in South Sinai, has begun, as more than one hundred tons of bunicam fodder was manufactured, from the waste of vegetable farms. Also, the cultivation of azolla plant has been expanded, in the farms of El-Tor..

Desert Research Center participates in the “Spring Flowers” in Sharm El-Sheikh

Desert Research Center participated in the activities of Spring Flowers exhibition, in Sharm El-Sheikh, for the second year, as part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s plan, to participate in various exhibitions in preparation for hosting the “Climate Summit” to be held, in the city, next November. Abdullah Zagloul, president of the Desert Research Center, said..

Desert Research center organizes a training course on “contract farming for oil crops in El-Minya Governorate”

Under the directives of Mr. Al-Qusayr, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and the Agricultural Development Strategy 2030, which seeks to increase the self-sufficiency of vegetable oils, Under the auspices of Dr. Abdallah Zaghlol, President of the Desert Research Center As part of the activities of the research program “The guiding campaign to improve the..