Maghara Station

The Development Italian Project established El Maghara station as an extension farm in 1987. In 1993, DRC took the supervision over the farm. North Sinai Governorate issued Decision No. 382 in 2000 to transform the farm into a research station to serve agricultural development projects. The station is located on an area of ​​69 feddan in El Hosna city. It is far from El Arish city with 90 km to the southwest, and it is 60 km far from the city of Bir Al-Abd.

The Objectives of El Maghara Research Station:

  1. Growing some new crops, such as Moringa.
  2. Implementing a project to cultivate 50 feddan of Jojoba in the station and creating a large nursery for the production of selected high-yield jojoba seedlings.
  3. Establishing a Gene Bank for fruit crops, especially high-yielding species Jojoba, as well as Syrian pistachio trees imported to the station from The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD).