Mariout Station


Mariout Research Station is located in El Amriya area, 31 km south of Alexandria. It was established in 1967 on an area of ​​100 feddan. In 1993, the station surface has become about 45 feddan after Mariout Agricultural Company has taken about 65 feddan from its total area.

The objectives of Mariout Research Station:

  1. Improving and maintaining the lime lands of the region.
  2. Studying water relations under the conditions of the region to increase the productivity of the water unit.
  3. Studying and evaluating different agricultural crops to choose the appropriate crop structures.
  4. Developing and improving livestock and poultry in the desert and the newly reclaimed areas.
  5. Providing applicable extension packages and scientific services for those who are interested in various agricultural activities in the region.
  6. Organizing training courses in the fields of agricultural development, especially for young graduates.