Halayeb and Shalateen Research Station

Halayeb and Shalateen Research Station is located in Southeastern Egypt between latitudes 23-22 South in the zone of Elba Natural Reserve, which contains different types of rare and endangered plant and wild animal habitats. The area of ​​the research farm in Shalateen is approximately (55 feddan) 146,000 m2. The area of ​​the research farm for animal production in Halayeb is 5 feddan where animals feed on the open natural pasture.

The objectives of Halayeb and Shalateen Research Station:

  1. Creating sustainable development in Halayeb, Abu Ramad and Shalateen Triangle.
  2. Studying, surveying and reproducing natural plants within the station zone.
  3. Working to promote agriculture through cooperation and participation in the funded agricultural development projects.
  4. Working and cooperating with Shalateen City Council in spreading agricultural awareness among the Bedouins living in the region by conducting seminars and training courses.
  5. Working in a distinctive breed of sheep that can adapt to the conditions of the region.
  6. Working on introducing new strains of fattening and laying poultry with high production and adapted to the surrounding environment.
  7. Conducting applied scientific research on pastures and animal production.
  8. Early detection of animal diseases crossing the Egyptian-Sudanese borders through DRC veterinary convoys.