Toshka Research Station

Toshka station is located on an area of ​​500 feddan for reclamation, 17 km away from Abu Simbel city. It consists of 4 wells that have been drilled out of total 85 wells in the area. Each well is drilled for irrigating 100 feddan. This region is characterized by high temperatures and dry climate. The station aims to search for the best ways to adapt to these environmental conditions. It aims also to get benefit from water and land resources in economic agricultural production to reach sustainable development at national and regional levels.

The Objectives of Toshka Research Station:

  1. Providing job opportunities and redistributing the population map to benefit from the Egyptian desert.
  2. Providing and updating information about the environmental aspects of the region.
  3. Identifying the most appropriate systems for using the available land and water resources in the region.
  4. Maximizing the economic income of water resource units.
  5. Preserving water and land resources from degradation.
  6. Conducting scientific studies and applied research in the field of improving the productivity of high production plant species and varieties under drought and high temperature conditions.
  7. Providing organic fertilizers through an integrated system for clean organic crops.
  8. Providing training and extension services for agricultural production.
  9. Providing agricultural and economic models that can be applied.