Animal and Poultry Division


Main objectives:


  • Increasing livestock productivity under desert and marginal environmental conditions.
  • Conducting applied research work to find alternative resources to combat feed shortages.
  • Utilization of recent approaches of biotechnology to enhance the scientific activities of the division.
  • Creating a real and fruitful cooperation with the Bedouin peoples to benefit the results of our research programme.
  • Utilization of natural rangelands as the main source of feed, augmented by feed supplement treatment of unpalatable range plants for the use as animal feed.
  • Utilization of agro industrial by products as animal feed, and utilization of animal waste in diet and in biogas production.
  • Applying the recent approaches and techniques in the field of animal and poultry nutrition.
  • The reproductive performance of desert animals.
  • Housing of desert animals.
  • Adaptation to desert conditions, including heat stress and water salinity.
  • Studying toxic plants in natural range areas as well as parasites and diseases specific to desert areas.
  • The different characteristics of local wool for industrial use.
  • Early selection for fleece quality.


The division consists of five scientific departments, and each department consists of a number of research units:

1-Department of Animal and Poultry Breeding:

  • Animal Breeding Unit.
  • Poultry Breeding Unit.
  • Meat Production and Technology Unit.
  • Dairy production and Technology Unit.

2-Animal and Poultry Nutrition Department

  • Ruminant chemistry and nutrition Unit.
  • Ruminant physiology and nutrition Unit.
  • Poultry nutrition Unit.

3- Animals and Poultry Physiology Research Department

  • Physiology of adaptation Unit.
  • Physiology of reproduction Unit.
  • Avian physiology Unit.
  • Desert animal ecology Unit.

4- Animal Health Research Department

  • Parasitology Unit.
  • Infectious diseases Unit.
  • Nutritional deficiency diseases Unit.
  • Toxicology and environmental pollution Unit.

5- Wool Production and Technology Research Department

  • Wool biology Unit.
  • Wool technology Unit.
  • Histology Unit.