New Valley station

The New Valley Research Station is characterized by a unique geographical and climatic nature. It is located 12 km North of Kharga City. The station is located in “El Sherka area” and is irrigated from El Sherka well 3. The station is also characterized by the presence of multiple irrigation systems. The station conducts research and studies that serve agricultural development in the New Valley Governorate.

The Objectives of the New Valley Research Station:

  1. Improving and maintaining lands of the region.
  2. Maximizing the utilization of water resources by applying modern irrigation systems and clean agriculture.
  3. Evolving plant varieties that are appropriate to environmental, soil and water characteristics.
  4. Developing oil crops, medicinal and aromatic plants.
  5. Developing and increasing the environmental and nutritional awareness of the oasis residents.
  6. Optimal investment of climate resources such as solar energy and winds in all sectors.
  7. Contributing in planning and development feasibility studies for agricultural and industrial projects.
  8. Contributing in developing and modernizing agricultural awareness and combating desertification through training and agriculture extension.