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Desert Research Center participates in the “Spring Flowers” in Sharm El-Sheikh

Desert Research Center participated in the activities of Spring Flowers exhibition, in Sharm El-Sheikh, for the second year, as part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s plan, to participate in various exhibitions in preparation for hosting the “Climate Summit” to be held, in the city, next November. Abdullah Zagloul, president of the Desert Research Center, said..

Desert Research center organizes a training course on “contract farming for oil crops in El-Minya Governorate”

Under the directives of Mr. Al-Qusayr, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and the Agricultural Development Strategy 2030, which seeks to increase the self-sufficiency of vegetable oils, Under the auspices of Dr. Abdallah Zaghlol, President of the Desert Research Center As part of the activities of the research program “The guiding campaign to improve the..

“Desert Research Center” and “FAO” participate in an initiative to improve the food situation of the Egyptian family in El- Kharga Oasis

Prof. Dr. Abdallah Zaglol, President of the Desert research center, inaugurated, via video conference, a training course this week, it was under the title “How to improve the food situation for Egyptian families, in El- Kharga Oasis”, as a part of a series about raising awareness of local communities in El- Kharga Oasis, in the..