Exploiting agricultural waste in the manufacture of feed and organic fertilizers in New Valley

New Valley Governorate has more than 3 million palm trees, that produce thousands of tons of agricultural waste annually, which constitutes a huge burden on farm owners. Usually, this agricultural waste is disposed of by burning, which negatively affects the ecosystem, increase carbon emissions that lead to Global warming and other environmental crises. Or it is left to become a host for pests and rodents, which harms agricultural production.

And because the state’s current trend is toward clean energy and recycling, the best solution for these wastes was to recycle them and benefit from them instead of disposing of them randomly. Therefore, Desert Research Center established a mini-unit to recycle these wastes and use them in the manufacture of compost and liquid organic fertilizers in high quality.

Through this unit, DRC produced 400 cubic meters of compost and provided it to farmers at low cost, which also helps support farmers and encourage them to provide organic fertilizers and non-traditional feed at lower costs and a higher economic return.