Ministers of Agriculture, Solidarity and Local Development and the Governor of El-wadi El-gaded, inaugurate the Center of Sustainable Development in El-wadi El-gaded.

The Minister of Agriculture distributes 579 projects on people of El wadi El gaded Governorate, for 2,910 beneficiaries, within the framework of the presidential initiative “decent life”.

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and the Governor of the New Valley, inaugurated the Center of Sustainable Development in El-wadi El-gaded.

Al-Qusair pointed out that the station was established on ​​20 acres, as an integrated expertise house, that adopts climate-friendly applied activities, with the aim of contributing horizontal expansion projects, providing models for protected agriculture and protecting infrastructure from dangers of sand encroachment, in addition to establishing a genetic complex for palm varieties that are well grown, and conducting research and applied studies to provide models that simulate the conditions of desert environment in the governorate, with the aim of encouraging investors and those interested in working in agricultural field.

He added that the establishment of the station took into account some climate-friendly practices and options, taking into account also some qualitative challenges, such as the high percentage of iron in irrigation water, pointing out that the station was supplied with advanced agricultural mechanization and a seed preparation unit to provide selected and high-quality seeds, in order to serve the farmers.

The Minister of Agriculture added that also in order to maintain the ecological balance in the region, a tendency was taken to recycle plant waste in compost production as one of the means that ensures raising the fertility and vitality of the soil and its production capacity, with low costs. It’s also helping in producing environmentally friendly crops.

From his part, Dr. Abdullah Zagloul, President of Desert Research Center, said that the station relies on a directed research plan, based on modern irrigation systems, that contribute in reducing water use in agriculture and reducing waste, which will contribute in increasing productivity and increasing land areas.

He also pointed out the expanding of cultivation of the most important strategic crops, that guarantee Achieving sustainable development goals, such as wheat, medicinal and aromatic plants and fodder crops, that have the ability to withstand all environmental stresses.

In a related context and within the framework of the presidential initiative “decent life”, that launched by the President, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, to develop the Egyptian countryside, the ministers and the governor of El-wadi El-gaded distributed about 579 small projects, as a way to support people of El-wadi El-gaded Governorate, where about 2,910 beneficiaries benefited from them, and these projects included Poultry batteries, sheeps, tomato seedlings, bonecam, medicinal and aromatic plants, quinoa seeds, agricultural pesticides and fertilizers, veterinary medicines and vitamins, palm waste shredding machines, and grain crushing machines.