Centers of Excellence

The Egyptian Desalination Center of Excellence was established in 2014 and it is a central coordinating point for desalination and water reuse applied research and training activities in Egypt. The mission of EDRC is to conduct research in order to develop desalination technology to be robust and cost-effective so as to produce new and sustainable supplies of water for various purposes. In addition, EDRC is seeking to bring together scientists, engineers, water policy makers and water system operators in Egypt, Middle East region and Africa to work in research areas that contribute in reducing the cost of desalination.

The main objectives of EDRC:

  • Building national capacities in the field of water desalination.
  • Reducing the cost of desalination.
  • Studying some fields of membrane technology, including pollutant assessment and control, pre- and post-treatment, cleaning, and disposal.
  • Determining the characteristics of groundwater and sea water to be used as sources for desalination.



The Egyptian Center of Excellence for Saline Agriculture was established in 2013 to integrate with the objectives and activities of DRC in an integrated system in order to achieve continuous agricultural, industrial and economic development in desert environments that represent more than 90% of the area of ​​the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The main objectives of ESECA:

  • Improving the livelihood of farmers in marginal areas.
  • Optimal utilization of available natural and human resources in marginal environments under climate change.
  • Developing and disseminating appropriate technological packages for the production of cereals, oil and fodder crops in marginal environments among farmers.
  • Developing human capacity with the effective participation in various saline agriculture fields.