The president of DRC


The word of DRC  president

DRC is the oldest research center in Egypt. Before its inauguration in 1950, its idea emerged from King Fouad the First during the 1930s, realizing that the desert is the Egyptian treasure of the future and it is the mine of natural resources, and the goal of future generations that will seek to expand areas of living and production outside Wadi and Delta.

After more than 70 years of leadership and innovation in scientific research in the fields of studying desert resources and science and benefiting from its applied results on sustainable development in desert areas and new reclamation areas. DRC has developed an ambitious strategy that keeps pace with the successive and accelerating changes and developments at the scientific, economic, social and political level. It has also developed an implementation plan based on two basic axes. The first is internal, revolving around organizing the nature of the institution’s work and achieving its goals. The second is external, concerning with the nature of DRC external relations with various institutions, and supporting them with all data and scientific visions that help the decision-maker regarding comprehensive development in desert areas.

The strategy of DRC in general is closely linked to the international goals of the agricultural development strategy and the agriculture sector strategy 2030. This strategy aims to reach sustainable development to provide food security and to strengthen development programs and national plans, especially under desert and marginal area conditions.

The strategy aims to plan to achieve the main objectives of DRC to explore the natural and human resources in the Egyptian deserts, and how to use them in the optimal and safe use of their sustainability so that these areas can be rehabilitated and reach sustainable development.


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