Desert Research Centre organizes a field day in North Sinai to review some pastoral plants with a high economic value

Mr Al-Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, assigned the Desert Research Center to choose botanical compositions that suits water and land resources in North Sinai, and suits the environmental conditions in the region, and more tolerant of environmental stresses, in order to meet needs of feed requirements, especially in areas that suffers from limited water resources such as Sinai, Red Sea and Matrouh.

Dr. Abdullah Zagloul, President of the Desert Research Center, said that these assignments come in implementation of the plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation within the framework of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (Egypt 2030), and within the coordination plan between the research agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation , the Directorate of Agriculture, the executive and local authorities in North Sinai Governorate and research stations in North Sinai.

Dr. Zaghloul added that this plan aims to achieve sustainable development, especially in the field of pastoral plants within a plan to advance livestock in North Sinai, which depends on applied aspect of scientific research to serve the state’s plan, in order to achieve sustainable agricultural development, stressing that North Sinai Governorate comes at the top of the priorities of scientific research for researchers at Desert Research Center, given that it occupies great importance in the state’s plan for sustainable development.

President of the Desert Research Center explained that, in implementing of this plan, a field day was organized at the North Sinai Research Station. And he pointed out that during the field day, efforts of the research station, at North Sinai, in producing acacia seedlings, were reviewed, that are a source of protection and food for many living creatures in the desert.