Desert Research Center distributes poultry batteries on breadwinner women in Siwa Oasis

 Within the framework of the state’s attention about small income-generating projects, especially those which suit breadwinner women in border areas, and according to directives of the minister of agriculture and land reclamation, Mr. Al-Qusair, a chickens and chicks were distributed to women in Siwa Oasis, in presence of major general Khaled Shuaib, governor of Matrouh, and Dr. Abdullah Zagloul, president of Desert Research Centre, representing the minister of agriculture and land reclamation.

Dr. Abdullah Zagloul, president of the Desert Research Center, said that caring for breadwinner women is at the forefront of political leadership’s priorities, especially in the field of small projects. And one of the most important targeted areas are the villages of Siwa Oasis, Matrouh Governorate, that has been included in the plan of the governorate to develop local communities in desert areas.

From his part, the executive director of “Pride” project pointed out that what was distributed of chickens and chicks was sufficient for a complete reproductive cycle, that can achieve a profit for beneficiary woman in the oasis.

On the other hand, the women confirmed, after receiving the poultry and the feed, their happiness with these small projects that help them improve their families’ income.