Field visits to Toshka to investigate farmers problems

Keeping with Sustainable Development Strategy: Egypt vision 2030 and according to the instructions of Prof. Dr. Abdallah Zaglol, President of Desert Research Center . Concerning the developing and constructing south of the valley in Toshka and its attached villages and coastal crops,
Prof. Dr. Hossam Shawky, vice president of Desert Research Center for Researches and Stations and Dr. Saad Mohamed Nassar, Head of Toshka Research Station, coordinated with the Agricultural Department in Abu Simbel to make field visits for farmers, headed by Dr. Walid Talaat Qinawy, researcher at the plant protection department, in order to identify problems that facing the farmers in the region, diagnosis plant diseases and insects infections in order to find ways to combat them.
they visited 29 farms. they found a lot of cultivated crops such as maize, Hijazi clover, Egyptian clover and some vegetables, such as cucumber, melon, okra and fruit trees such as date palms, mangoes and lemons.
And they recommended some agricultural treatments to reduce the spread of pests and plant diseases, that leads to product a high yield crops- free from effects of pesticides.