Handicap people participate in the activities of field schools in El-kharga Oases

With the participation of the United Nations, desert research centre implements several field schools for handicap people

Under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Desert Research Centre is implementing 75 field schools during the current winter season, in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), within the activities of the Sustainable Management of Ecosystems project in el-kharga Oases

Zaghlol said that these educational activities focused on integrating handicap people in all phases of the project, by establishing field schools that bring together people of determination from hearing and speech impairments from all villages to participate in the project activities, in order to provide an educational service to them, and introduce them the agricultural practices, which are implemented in the fields of these farmers

Zaghlol explained that this is a unique experience, as all activities were implemented by deaf and dumb participants who interested in agricultural work, and they were about 17 members, in addition to a number of their wives, in the aim of increasing income and improving their livelihood

From his part, Dr. Emad Awad, the project’s executive officer, said that these 75 field schools, are out of a total of 100 field schools that will be implemented, by DRC during the current year which will allow them to exchange visions, ideas and information among farmers, while providing all materials and technical support, in order to help people in the Oasis to find their roles in societ

The session was translated to participants by Mrs. Nahamdeh Riyad Mansour, wife of one of the school members, who explained that their participation  was very effective in these schools, which gives them an opportunity to learn the agricultural practices, In order to apply what they learned in their fields

They also said that they  appreciate the efforts of Desert Research Center and FAO for their care of such schools

They are looking forward to continue providing such services in all fields