The second veterinary convoy of Desert Research Center in Siwa

Under patronage of Prof. Dr. Abdallah Zaghlol, president of Desert Research Centre . The Second veterinary convoy take place in Siwa Oasis, it was carried out by Siwa Research Station in partnership with the sustainable Agricultural Development Program in Northwest Coast, in continuation to sustainable development and preservation of livestock In the Oasis,

Some villages of the Oasis, such as Al-Kaf, Al-Dhafiriya, Bahy Al-Din, Al-Haj Ali, were visited, to follow up the health status of cattle herds in the Oasis, examine them, treat some sick conditions, and give all veterinary medicines, for free.

About 70 camels, 60 buffaloes, 90 cows, 120 sheep and goats, 4 pigeon towers, have been medically examined. Various advices were given in terms of education and nutrition and veterinary medicines, free of charge, to some families benefiting from the Breadwinner Women Project. That was in implementing of the continuous directives of the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation about the necessity of opening development areas that serve the women breadwinner, in the desert areas.

The convoy was received with great enthusiasm from the people of the Oasis, and they showed a great interest and a fast response for various advices and a recommendations.