Desert Research Center following up the implementing of the applied activities in North Sinai

According to directives of Mr. Al-Qusair, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, about agricultural development in Sinai and integrating its people into this development, Dr. Abdallah Zaghlol, president of Desert Research Center, assigned a research team, from the center, to conduct a field visit to Al-Hasana and EL- Sheikh Zoweid, in North Sinai, and the Bedouin communities affiliated with them.

That was as a part of a series of periodic field visits, that implemented to follow up the applied activities of the program “Integrating people of Sinai and enhancing their role in sustainable agricultural development.” This comes as a continuation of the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and the Desert Research Center for Agricultural Development in Sinai.

From his part, Dr. Hossam Abdel-Aal, head of the research program, explained that the program includes a set of applied activities that are implemented on the ground, in accordance with needs of local community. the most important of which are “the expansion of olive cultivation, maintenance and disinfection of wells, and underground reservoirs, publishing solar energy technologies, and advancing wealth Animal and poultry, expanding cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, desalinating water for drinking purposes, also combating pest of olives, as well as other activities targeting young people and Bedouin women.